Wednesday, December 28, 2011

mandee, jordana & cvs haul!

so, today i headed to the mall with my mom to do some returns, and since I had lots of gift cards I decided to spend some...on make up of course! I got a couple of fun things today, and only one item is non beauty! So let's begin!

So that's what I got! Now, first thing I got was $1.09 and it was a Jordana Blush in 32 Rose Silk. It has nice pigmentation and it looks really nice on my skin!

Next, from Mandee I got this Simply Sweet Neon Green liquid liner for $3.00. Definitely not worth's pretty glitter but a tad too sheer for me.

Also from Mandee, I found a polish color I'd been looking for for a loooong time, my favorite color of all... charcoal gray! It's a Beauty Treats: Nail Treats in the color 814 Charcoal. A steal for $3, let's hope it works well!

Next, which is probably one of my fave purchases of the day was another Jordana semi-permanent liquid eyeliner. I have black and glitter, which I love but I found this royal blue Always Blue 02 for $1.09! These things are amaaazing!

Here's a not-very-good swatch. See that pigmentation! Squee!

Next was this suuuper dupe of Too Faced Natural Eye Kit.
It was only $7 at Mandee! I looked through a bunch to find one that didn't have broken shadows..and when I went to open mine up my nail went right into the prettiest color, therefore smooshing it D:. Ah, well. This kit is 1/4 the price of the Too Faced kit and looks very similar! I'm pleased to say all the colors are really well pigmented except the chocolate brown, second row all the way to the right is really really lightly pigmented. This was a great steal!

Here is a pic of the inside:

You can also see the color I smashed..oops...and to the right is the photo of the actual too faced natural eye kit, which I found from this post

I also purchased a Simply Sweet all over glitter palette. It was $5 and has golds/bronzes. It's okay, I guess. It's basically glitter. Not really much pigmentation, I thought it'd be creamy, but it's powdery.

Then, my mom bought me a hello kitty pez for $1.50 at CVS (Yum!)

Oh! I almost forgot. I bought a Claire's Nail polish, a good dupe of Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday! It was cheap, too! I didn't take a photo but there are some good ones here!

That's it for now! xoxo Paige

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